Wine Challenge Dinner


The Master of Ceremonies welcomes your guests to beautiful MaMa Florence venue and introduces himself and the team, followed by a lively explanation of the challenge at hand. Each guest receives a booklet for the wine challenge activity and it is time for the competition! Guests are invited to sit down at the dinner tables, with each table then becoming a team. Your Master of Ceremonies takes the stage for a brief but captivating lesson on how to taste wine properly to level the playing field and give everyone the necessary skills to actively participate.

Now the first challenge begins: two mystery wines have been paired with the appetizer and first course, and the teams must work together to figure out their characteristics. The winners of this first challenge are announced right away. By now the atmosphere has heated up and spirits are soaring for the second round, played with two mystery wines paired with the dinner's second course. Who will be the winner of this second challenge? Your Master of Ceremonies keeps things light with jokes and fun all around. As the dessert is served the winner is announced and the prize awarded to the winning table.


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