Pasta Challenge


  • Team building with experienced chefs and staff
  • Fun, group work and team bonding
  • A spacious and elegant Officine Gullo kitchen to accommodate everyone
  • A lovely outdoor patio (if the weather allows it)
  • "Victory" certificate
  • Ingredients and wines of the highest quality
  • Guaranteed success for the whole team
  • Why a 'Pasta Challenge’ team building in Florence?


Achieve your business goals in the kitchen by strengthening your team's spirit or strengthening the bond with clients and partners! The 'Pasta Challenge' team building is a perfect way to share memorable moments while having fun, motivating and unleashing the creativity of your staff, clients and colleagues... with a little competition in a beautiful city like Florence!

How does the 'Pasta Race' Teambuilding work?

Upon arrival, guests are welcomed into our kitchen next to the old walls of Florence and introduced to the game and assistant staff.

The group, divided into teams, participates in a demonstration by the fresh pasta expert chef. Each group then goes to their station to prepare fresh pasta "from scratch."

Let the competition then begin! The teambuilding pasta competition will test the teambuilding participants who will create two pasta shapes within a certain time. The technical side of pasta making, the qualitative side and the creative side, which should never be lacking in a close-knit team, will then be judged. After the challenge, participants will enjoy a nice meal of the prepared pasta dishes along with other courses prepared by the staff.


How is the team rewarded in the Teambuilding Pasta Race?

This depends on the client; each event is tailor-made! When the winner of the pasta competition is announced, team builders will always give a bottle of bubbly as a prize to the team leader of the winning team. If you would like to give something more elaborate to all members of the winning team or even all participants, let us know and we will surely find the perfect gift to take home as a memento of team building in the kitchen in Florence!

What drinks are included in Team building with Pasta?

Our team building events are accompanied by top quality wines produced in Tuscan wine-growing areas just a few miles from Florence. This too can be customized for you, just ask and we'll get back to you!

How long is team building with pasta?

Our team building format involves a time calibrated over years of experience, making people work, collaborate and interact in the kitchen but not overtired so that fun is always guaranteed. Typically from arrival to departure you should allow about 3.5 hours, including 2.5 hours of actual preparation with the chef in the kitchen and an hour to enjoy what you have prepared. After lunch or dinner you can enjoy the sights of the city of Florence.

How many people is 'Pasta Race' Teambuilding suitable for?

The 'pasta race' team building in Florence is perfect for groups of any size, up to 40 people. However, if you are a pasta lover and there are even more of you, let us know and, if possible, we will propose a solution that works well for a perfect teambuilding (with Pasta!) that perhaps involves other activities in the heart of Florence.


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