Pasta Challenge


Guests arrive to the warm and welcoming MaMa Florence Cooking School venue and are greeted by the awaiting staff.  The event host will set the tone for the challenge, present the professional chef who will give tips and tricks and provide motivation, explain the game and select the team leaders.  Next the stations are assigned, and the challenge begins! The competition gets going right away. Each team has to succeed in three distinct tests: quantity, quality, and creativity. They must produce, within a given time limit, the different types of pasta and get the best result they can. Following the game’s rules, the division of the roles within the team is decided by the team members themselves. The staff is always on hand to provide encouragement and guidance to the various teams along the way. At the end of the allotted time, the chef and host will evaluate the pasta for the three areas of quantity, quality and creativity and grade each team. Then the competition winners are announced. All participants receive a Masterchef certificate and a toast makes the perfect close to the activity portion. Participants are then provided a delicious meal of chef prepared appetizer and main course, as well as the freshly made pasta accompanied by a delicious sauce.


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