Team and Tonic

Welcome to MaMa Florence: upon arrival, your host will present the game to be played and the staff who are on hand to guide you through the evening. Game attendants will receive a special booklet containing a series of questions that they will be able to answer only after making their way around to the various gourmet stations and participating in tasting or a hands-on experiences created specifically for them.

One of the tables includes a chef presented cooking demo and pasta challenge where participants get to try their hand at pasta making. Another table is manned by a fantastic bartender who holds the secret to creating a marvelous cocktail worthy of being served in the finest cocktail bars in the city- now it’s your turn to make the drink! And yet another is a mini-wine challenge aperitif to learn the basics of wine tasting. The gourmet stations will include tastings of traditional regional delicacies like extra virgin olive oil, chocolate, cheese and charcuterie, with the hopes of imparting specific knowledge of local regional cuisine to participants and challenging their memory and listening skills. 

The evening is all about movement and mingling, with the MaMa staff creating a relaxed and fun environment at each of the various stations.  In the end the winner will be declared an “Enogastronomic Critic" and awarded with a small gift before everyone is given a certificate of participation. The event concludes with a delicious buffet of appetizer, pasta dish, main dish and dessert paired with excellent specially selected local wines.


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