What is Peposo?

A spicy meat stew typical of Tuscany, in particular the southern hills of Florence.

History of the dish

The origins of this recipe have been much debated, ultimately recognising Impruneta, a small municipality in the hills south of Florence, world-famous for its terracotta, as the cradle of peposo, so much so that today the official name is 'peposo all'imprunetina' or 'alla fornacina'. 

Its origin dates back to the Middle Ages and is described as ‘cucina povera’, although the dish is meat-based. Manual workers such as the 'fornacini' (those who worked in Impruneta kilns who seem to have been the first makers of this stew) worked between the cold damp of the clay and the blazing heat of the ovens. Heavy manual labor such as this built a strong appetite and overpowering thirst that required the wine flask and a good hot meal in the middle of the day!

The spiciness and long cooking time are the main characteristics of peposo that lends itself well to the cuts of meat used.



The fornacini would place their dish of peposo in (which they had drowned in wine) with a few pieces of meat, some dressed cloves of garlic and a good handful of salt and peppercorns. It was then left to cook for a few hours to tenderize. 



Beef or veal




Chianti red wine


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