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A Perfect Culinary Week in Puglia for true Food lovers | Mama Florence

From Vineyard to Table: Puglia's Gastronomic Getaway

A Perfect Culinary Week in Puglia for true Food lovers

Discover Puglia's culinary tapestry in a week-long adventure! From hands-on cheese and taralli making, indulgent wine tours, to authentic cooking lessons, every day promises a taste of Italy's rich heritage. Find balance with leisurely beach sojourns and cap your nights in sumptuous five-star luxury. Puglia awaits with its palette of flavours and moments.

7 days - 6 nights
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Puglia: Lecce, Alberobello, Ostuni, Salento

Nourishing your sould and body in Pulglia

Embark on a gastronomic sojourn to Italy's heel, where every bite narrates a tale of tradition and love. Begin with the addictive crunch of taralli, echoing centuries of Puglian hearths.

Let the rustic greens of cime di rapa mingle with the delicate embrace of orecchiette fresh pasta, a dance of earthiness and subtlety. Surrender to the sun-kissed flavors of pomodori secchi and the briny kiss of local olives, capturing the very essence of Puglian summers. Indulge in the sweet allure of pasticciotto and cartellate pastries, each layer revealing stories whispered in old bakeries.

Let your fingers explore the softness of fresh focaccia, and give in to the seductive pull of caciocavallo cheese. Dive deep into the creamy heart of burrata & mozzarella, a dairy lover's dream, and finish off with a cheeky bite of golden panzerotti, a testament to Puglia's knack for surprises. This isn't just a journey; it's a love affair with Puglia's culinary soul.

Lose yourself in the intoxicating allure of Puglia, where every sun-caress upon the land promises an affair with flavor. Succumb to the seductive craft of local cheese-making, and let the sumptuous golden embrace of Taralli dough entwine your fingers. Wander, with a lover's languor, through lush vineyards, each sip of wine a whispered secret between you and Italy's passionate heart.

In sultry cooking sessions, let master chefs unveil Puglian desires, one dish at a time. And when evening falls, let the azure waves of Puglia's beaches seduce you into tranquility before you retreat to the decadent sanctuary of a five-star embrace. Puglia doesn't just tantalize the palate—it romances the soul

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Puglia Culinary Vacation Itinerary

See below your wonderful itinerary in Puglia
Airport Arrival and Special Welcome Dinner

Touch down in the heart of Italy's heel, the enchanting region of Puglia, renowned for its shimmering olive groves, historical trulli, and crystal-clear waters. As you embark on a picturesque journey to Lecce, often dubbed the 'Florence of the South', witness the mosaic of olive orchards, ancient farmlands, and timeless villages that paint the Apulian countryside. Once in Lecce, you'll be ushered into your serene accommodation – an oasis where traditional Italian elegance meets modern comfort. Here, as you relax and absorb the breathtaking landscapes that envelop you, the subtle fragrances of the Mediterranean will tantalize your senses. And just when you think the day couldn’t get any better, as dusk casts its golden hue over the city, you'll be invited to join us for a sumptuous inaugural feast. Savor traditional dishes, each narrating a tale of Puglia's rich culinary heritage, all while celebrating the beginning of an unforgettable Puglian adventure.

  all.dinner       Patria Palace Hotel Lecce
Lecce Market with Cooking Class of traditional Apulian Lunch

Begin your second day in Puglia with a rendezvous with your local guide, diving deep into the vibrant pulse of a traditional market. Together, handpick the freshest ingredients, each carrying the aroma and flavor of the Apulian soil. Under the expert guidance of Chef Gianna, transform these ingredients into authentic Puglian delicacies. As the day matures, gather in a historic locale, where the past meets the present, to relish the dishes you've crafted. As evening descends, Lecce's charm beckons – wander its ancient streets, letting the city's magic guide your steps.

  all.breakfast   all.lunch            Patria Palace Hotel Lecce
Apulian breakfast and Aperitif Experience

Begin the third day in Puglia by diving deep into its rich morning rituals. Let the scents of freshly brewed coffee envelop you, guiding your senses to the region's iconic pastries, each a testament to Puglia's culinary artistry. As the sun climbs higher, find yourself enchanted by the craftsmanship of a local artisanal liquor workshop. Here, learn age-old techniques and traditions, culminating in a classic Puglian aperitif that tantalizes your palate. With flavors still dancing on your tongue, set out to meander the ancient cobblestone streets of Lecce, letting its architectural wonders and hidden gems further captivate your heart.

  all.breakfast   all.aperitif            Patria Palace Hotel Lecce
Transfer in Salento Countryside and Wine experience

As dawn breaks on Day 4, wave goodbye to the Baroque magnificence of Lecce and set your sights on an intoxicating adventure through Puglia's esteemed wine regions. Your journey will take you to two of the region's most distinguished wineries, where centuries-old traditions meet modern viticulture. Here, beneath the watchful eyes of master vintners, indulge in a curated tasting session, each sip unveiling the nuances of Puglian terroir. To elevate this sensory experience, you'll be treated to an array of local gourmet delights, from savory focaccias to artisanal cheeses. As the afternoon sun casts a golden hue, you'll make your way to Ostuni. Known as 'The White City', Ostuni's labyrinthine alleys and sun-drenched piazzas are a sight to behold. The culmination of your day is a retreat to the bucolic countryside. Nestled amid rolling vineyards, your accommodation offers an unrivaled setting to gaze upon the night's sky, where a myriad of stars shimmer in concert with the symphony of nature.

  all.breakfast   all.lunch   all.dinner       Masseria Montenapoleone
Making the Tarallo Biscuits in Alberobello and Mozzarella experience

Begin Day 5 with a serene drive through Puglia's sun-dappled countryside, where olive groves and vineyards paint a timeless tableau. In Alberobello, under the unique conical roofs of a traditional Trullo, master the art of crafting Taralli biscuits with a local chef, tasting the history with each bite. Wander freely through Alberobello's enchanting streets, then indulge in a gourmet meal that captures the essence of the region. In the afternoon, Valle d’Itria's historic Masseria beckons, offering an intimate glimpse into the world of Apulian cheese-making, from tales of family legacy to tasting the creamy, artisanal masterpieces.

  all.breakfast   all.lunch       Masseria Montenapoleone
Visit of an Historical Frantoio Ipogeo with olive oil blind tasting. Evening Cooking Class and farewell dinner

Start Day 6 leisurely, either unwinding at the Masseria, savoring breakfast, or exploring Apulia's coastline. By afternoon, journey to Masseria Brancati, a beacon of olive cultivation history. Here, you'll traverse ancient olive groves, discover an underground oil mill, and engage in a blind olive oil tasting, uncovering the secrets behind each unique blend. As evening approaches, join a culinary class at Masseria Montenapoleone, where traditional pasta-making meets tales of local lore. Finally, beneath a starry canopy, enjoy a farewell feast, encapsulating the essence and flavors of your Apulian adventure.

  all.breakfast   all.dinner       Masseria Montenapoleone
Farewell to Puglia - Homeward Bound

Start your final day in Puglia with a reflective sunrise and a communal farewell breakfast, cherishing the week's unforgettable moments. After checking out, a dedicated transfer will whisk you away to the airport for your homeward journey. As you soar back to your homeland, carry with you the lasting memories and flavors of a remarkable Puglian adventure.

  all.breakfast       Masseria Montenapoleone 1
Airport Arrival and Special Welcome Dinner

Arrival in Puglia: Touch down at either Bari or Brindisi airport. As you exit the arrivals terminal, look for our friendly local English-speaking driver holding a sign bearing your name.
Scenic Drive to Lecce: Journey through the picturesque landscapes of Puglia, taking in views of olive groves and historic sites, as you make your way towards the majestic Lecce, fondly known as the “Florence of the South”.
Accommodation Check-in at 5* Hotel Patria Palace: Settle into the elegance of your deluxe room, offering breathtaking Barocco views. Discover a thoughtful touch from us – a Cooking Vacations’ Welcome Bag placed carefully in your room to enhance your culinary journey.
 Leisure Time: Unwind and refresh. Let the soft Puglian sunlight and the luxurious ambiance of the hotel recharge your spirit. Take a leisurely stroll through the hotel, or perhaps even venture out to get your first glimpse of Lecce.
Meet & Greet: Gather in the opulent lobby of Hotel Patria Palace. It's a chance to meet fellow travelers who share your love for culinary adventures.
Welcome Dinner: Prepare to be treated to an unforgettable culinary experience in a fine location. Savor local delicacies, share stories, and raise a toast to the beginning of your Puglian odyssey.

Stay: Luxuriate in the comforts of your room at Hotel Patria Palace for a restful night. Remember, every morning of your stay here, you'll be greeted with a sumptuous breakfast, setting the right tone for the day. 

Patria Palace Hotel Lecce → 2
Lecce Market with Cooking Class of traditional Apulian Lunch

Gather in the hotel lobby where your enthusiastic foodie guide eagerly awaits to embark on today's culinary journey.
Delve into the heart of Lecce's bustling food scene. Wander through stalls brimming with fresh produce, aromatic herbs, and other regional specialties. Experience the market's vibrant atmosphere and hand-pick ingredients for your upcoming cooking lesson. Every scent, color, and sound here tells a story of Puglia's rich culinary heritage.

Venture to Gianna's warm and welcoming kitchen. Under her expert guidance, immerse yourself in the art of Apulian cuisine. Discover the secrets behind crafting a traditional Apulian lunch, as you prepare a sumptuous 4-course meal. Feel the textures, breathe in the aromas, and embrace the joy of creating dishes steeped in tradition.

As you complete your culinary masterpieces, relocate to an exquisite historical building in Lecce. Here, surrounded by tales of times gone by, indulge in the dishes you've lovingly crafted. Sip on hand-selected Apulian wines, which perfectly complement your meal, enhancing the symphony of flavors dancing on your palate.

After a day rich in flavors and experiences, you have the evening at leisure. Whether you choose to dine at one of Lecce's renowned restaurants, explore its nightlife, or simply relax at Hotel Patria Palace, let Lecce's magic envelop you. 

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Patria Palace Hotel Lecce → 3
Apulian breakfast and Aperitif Experience

 Wake up to a day of immersive culinary experiences. Begin at the heart of Italian mornings - the breakfast table. Meet your affable, English-speaking guide at the hotel, and together, set out to unearth the secrets of the most cherished morning ritual in Lecce.

Step into a world where time seems to stand still – an esteemed pastry shop, redolent with aromas that transport you to many yesteryears. Here, dive deep into the art of making Caffè Leccese and the much-revered Pasticciotto pastry. As you sip and nibble, listen to tales of Italian coffee's history, understanding its cherished place in Italian hearts.

With a satisfied palate and a heart full of stories, meander through Lecce's winding lanes. Discover artisanal boutiques, each a treasure trove of crafts, artworks, and intricate designs. Let the city's charm guide you, unveiling its secrets one corner at a time.

Reconnect with your guide and step into the fragrant world of an artisanal liquor laboratory. Immerse yourself in the meticulous art of crafting the iconic “Amari.” Under expert guidance, learn to make the zesty Limoncello and the luscious almond milk syrup, quintessential to the perfect Leccese coffee.

As the day inches towards a golden twilight, indulge in a curated aperitif session. Relish a spread that captures the essence of Apulia: traditional liqueurs, succulent pasticciotto, both sweet and savory taralli, and the finest extra virgin olive oil. Each sip and bite is a nod to Puglia's rich culinary tapestry.

Reflect upon a day filled with flavors and insights as Lecce's evening ambiance envelops you. Whether you choose a quiet dinner, a moonlit walk, or a cozy evening at the Hotel Patria Palace, let the memories of the day serenade you to sleep.

Patria Palace Hotel Lecce → 4
Transfer in Salento Countryside and Wine experience

 Bid adieu to the charming Lecce. After checking out from the hotel, embark on your journey to the Salento providence in a comfortable private transfer.

he day’s first stop is a family-owned winery, where tradition meets passion. As you stroll the vineyard, the Winemaker will share stories of his family’s legacy and the vineyard’s rich history. Breathe in the essence of Puglia, experiencing a sensory tour amidst the vines.

Taste the vineyard’s finest labels, each pour telling tales of the land. As you savor, indulge in local treats like frisella Salentina, cheese, and focaccia. The symphony of flavors, intertwined with stories, promises an unforgettable morning.

Begin your mid-day escapade at one of the region's most cherished historical delicatessens - a 'Salumeria'. As you step through its time-worn doors, let the intoxicating aroma of aged meats and artisanal cheeses transport you to bygone eras. Your expert guide will regale you with tales of the Salumeria's storied past, showcasing its timeless dedication to preserving the culinary traditions of the region.

Often called 'The White City', Ostuni is a marvel of winding alleys, white-washed homes, and captivating history. After a delightful lunch at a local eatery, lose yourself in the city's charm, discovering its secrets and stories.

As the day wears on, find solace at the idyllic Masseria Montenapoleone. Nestled amidst sprawling vineyards and olive groves, this traditional estate is a haven of tranquility and luxury.

The estate's seasoned farmer and sommelier await to whisk you away on another wine odyssey. Wander through the vineyards, drinking in stories of yore and the intricate relationship between land, climate, and grapevine. When thirst beckons, relish organic wines from the estate, paired with an authentic Puglian aperitif, celebrating the region’s culinary diversity.

As twilight blankets the estate, prepare for a dining experience like no other. The Moroccan-style dinner promises a gastronomic journey through Apulia, set against a backdrop reminiscent of a desert night. Surrounded by a sea of candles, under a starlit sky so close you could almost touch it, indulge in the finest Apulian cuisine and wines. The distant scent of the sea, the whispers of ancient olive trees, and the magic of the night converge to create memories that will last a lifetime.

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Masseria Montenapoleone → 5
Making the Tarallo Biscuits in Alberobello and Mozzarella experience

Embrace the morning sun as you journey through Puglia's picturesque landscapes. The sun-kissed roads, lined with olive groves and vineyards, promise a perfect start to the day.

Arrive at the quaint town of Alberobello, known for its iconic Trullo buildings. Here, under the conical roofs of a traditional Trullo, a local chef awaits to introduce you to the art of making Taralli biscuits. Dive into its rich history and discover the multitude of flavors these little wonders can take on. As the lesson concludes, relish freshly-made Taralli and Focaccias, each bite echoing centuries of culinary craftsmanship.

Wander the charming streets of Alberobello. Let the town's unique architecture, bustling markets, and rich heritage captivate you.

Satisfy your hunger pangs at one of Alberobello's finest restaurants. Relish a spread that celebrates the region's rich culinary tapestry, perfectly paired with locally produced wines.

Make your way to Valle d’Itria's renowned Masseria. As the stone walls and rustic charm envelop you, be prepared for an immersive cheese-making experience. Discover tales of the Masseria, the legacy of the family that has called it home, and the time-honored traditions that form the essence of their cheese-making process.

Step into the heart of the Masseria, where artisans breathe life into mozzarella and cheeses. Witness the magic unfold as milk transforms, adopting textures and tastes that have made Apulian cheese a sought-after delicacy across the world.

he day's adventures culminate in a tasting session. Savor the Masseria's signature cheeses, each bite a testament to generations of skill, passion, and love for the craft.

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Masseria Montenapoleone → 6
Visit of an Historical Frantoio Ipogeo with olive oil blind tasting. Evening Cooking Class and farewell dinner

 Begin your day at your own pace. Whether you choose to lounge amidst the Masseria's serene surroundings, relish a leisurely breakfast or set out to explore the nearby coastal treasures of Apulia, the morning is yours to shape. Savor a leisurely lunch on your own, basking in the flavors of Apulia.

Gather with your guide and driver outside the accommodation to embark on an olive journey like no other. The Masseria Brancati is not just an estate; it's a living testimony to the age-old olive cultivation traditions. Wander through its monumental olive groves, delve deep into its underground oil mill – one of Apulia's oldest – and immerse yourself in stories of the fortified tower farm from epochs gone by. Your exploration concludes with a blind tasting of distinctive extra virgin olive oils, contrasting their myriad profiles on crisp friselline. Let the Masseria's owner guide your palate through the tales of olive oil craftsmanship, enlightening you on the nuances that make each blend unique.

As the sun paints the sky in golden hues, gear up for a culinary adventure that brings together all the flavors you've encountered during your Apulian voyage. Guided by a seasoned farmer, dive hands-on into the rustic wonders of Apulian cuisine. Craft the iconic orecchiette, shape playful cavatelli, and create smooth strascinate. As your hands mold these traditional pasta forms, let tales of local history and wheat production fill the air, further enriching your cooking endeavor.

As dusk sets in, gather amidst the vineyards for a meal that is both a celebration and a tribute. Bask in the ambience, accentuated by the gentle sea breeze and vintage design elements. Feast on the dishes you've lovingly prepared, paired with sumptuous wines and innovative cocktails from the Botanical Bar. As conversations flow and glasses clink, lose yourself in the authentic tastes and sounds of Puglia. It's more than just a dinner; it's a heartfelt culmination of your gastronomic journey in this enchanting Italian region.

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Masseria Montenapoleone → 7
Farewell to Puglia - Homeward Bound

Gather for a hearty breakfast, reminiscing over the week's highlights and sharing stories of the unforgettable experiences in Puglia.
Ensure you have all your belongings and check-out from the accommodation. Our team will be on hand to assist with any last-minute needs.

A comfortable vehicle awaits to transport you to the airport, ensuring you arrive in ample time for your onward flight.
As you soar above the enchanting landscapes of Puglia, reflect on the memories created, the stories heard, and the flavors savored. Though this chapter concludes, the spirit of Puglia will forever remain in your heart.

Masseria Montenapoleone →

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