Wine and Food Walk

After meeting up with your wonderful foodie guide and getting an overview of what you will be doing together, you will head to a charming Florentine cafe for an essential Italian morning ritual of an espresso or cappuccino and a rich pastry. With a little sugar and caffeine in your system, you will be ready to hit the bustling and vibrant Florence Central market full to the brim with every Italian food you can think of. Indulge your inner foodie, making your way through the winding stands as vendors offer you a sampling of their special products like wild boar prosciutto, aged pecorino sheep cheese, or vine-ripened tomatoes. After your guide has taken you through the entire market and shown you the highlights of this beautiful temple of Tuscan delicacies, you'll visit an elegant nearby gourmet food shop, and discuss the ingredients used in making traditional Tuscan dishes. Your private walking tour of the historic Florence food market and wonderful gourmet shops will conclude outside a local trattoria or perhaps at MaMa Florence Cooking School, where we will be happy to book you an authentic Tuscan lunch complete with dishes you have learned about during your tour.


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