Wine Challenge Apertif


  • Team building activity
  • Fun, merriment and team bonding
  • Explore Italy’s fine wines
  • Learn the secrets of red and white wines with a professional sommelier
  • “Wine Master" certificate
  • Guaranteed success for the entire team


Why have a 'Wine Challenge' Team-building in Florence?

The Wine Challenge is an exciting and engaging game to be played during an afternoon aperitif.  A charismatic and expert sommelier host welcomes guests and hands out the game card with the company logo and Wine Challenge questions to all guests and teaches them all the secrets of Italian fine wines.

How does the ‘Wine Challenge' Team-Building in Florence work?

The sommelier's experience and charisma will teach you tasting techniques in a simple but effective way putting all participants at ease. The team of sommelier-entertainers will follow the teams throughout the activity sharing content and anecdotes and creating a unique atmosphere perfect for a fun and cohesive corporate meeting.
This is a game in which 2 selected white wines, one of which is "mystery" and two red wines, one of which is "mystery," challenge each other!



How does the Team-Building ‘Wine Challenge' in Florence end?

At the end of the activity a team or individual is announced the winner!


How long does the Team-Building ‘Wine Challenge' in Florence last?

The challenge lasts around 2 hours  and the duration of the entire activity depends on the client’s needs. The activity can finish with a lovely dinner at MaMa Florence, or with an aperitivo.


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