In the Name of Love - Private Cooking Class in Florence

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Italian and English

Are you celebrating a wedding in Florence and would like to have a fun Cooking Class with your family and friends?
Are you on Honeymoon and would like a romantic private event to celebrate? 

Our beautiful, romantic, fun and cozy venues are perfect for you!


In the Name of Love

As you step into our warm, inviting kitchen, you'll be greeted with a sparkling glass of Prosecco, setting the stage for an evening of laughter, learning, and love. Our class is more than just a cooking lesson; it's a celebration of amore, where couples come together to create exquisite Italian dishes, from the heart-shaped ravioli filled with ricotta and spinach, drizzled with a butter and sage sauce, to the succulent osso buco, which simmers slowly, filling the room with its irresistible aroma.

Under the guidance of our expert chefs, who carry the wisdom of generations, you'll learn the secrets behind preparing the perfect risotto, achieving the delicate balance of flavors that dance on your palate. You'll also delve into the art of making tiramisu, layering coffee-soaked ladyfingers with a rich, mascarpone cream, culminating in a dessert that's as decadent as it is romantic.

Throughout the evening, you'll be enveloped in the sounds of classic Italian music, adding an extra layer of ambiance to this enchanting experience. As you cook, you'll learn about the traditions of Italian cuisine, where every ingredient tells a story of regions, families, and love.

As the night draws to a close, you and your partner will sit down to a candlelit dinner, savoring the fruits of your labor in a setting that echoes the quaint trattorias of Florence. It's a moment to toast to love, to the future, and to the unforgettable memories you've created together.

Our Valentine's Day class is not just about cooking; it's about connecting. It's an opportunity to strengthen bonds, share in the joy of creation, and indulge in the pleasures of Italian cuisine. Whether you're a novice in the kitchen or an experienced home chef, this evening will leave you enriched, inspired, and more in love with both your partner and the art of Italian cooking.

Join us for a celebration of love, tradition, and the simple joys of life. Reserve your spot in our Valentine's Day Italian Cooking Class, and prepare to embark on a romantic culinary adventure that you and your loved one will cherish forever


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