Private Traditional Tuscan Menu Cooking Course

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3:30 Hours
Professional Chef
Italian and English


Highlights - Why Choose Mama's Private Traditional Tuscan Cooking Course?

  • Gorgeous Design Kitchens: Three kitchens, each with a distinct layout and look.
  • Location: All situated in the vibrant San Frediano neighborhood.
  • Private Spaces: Fully air-conditioned comfort, suitable for any season.
  • Expert Chefs: from prestigious kitchens bring years of culinary excellence.
  • Engaging Teaching Style: Private, hands-on learning, both fun and memorable.
  • 4-Course Private Wine-Paired Meal: Savor an exquisitely crafted seasonal meal.
  • Gourmet Menu: Appetizer, fresh pasta with sauce, main dish, traditional dessert.
  • Fine Wines: Three fine wines to perfectly enhance each dish. Bubbly, white, red.
  • Wine Education: Private insights into the origins and pairing of fine wines.
  • Kitchens with own unique amenity: design dining-room, outdoor patio, winecellar.


Tuscan Traditional Cooking Class content

Discover the Rich Culinary Heritage of Tuscany

Immerse yourself in the world of Tuscan cooking with a hands-on cooking course in Florence. Our Private classes offer an intimate experience where you can learn to cook classic regional dishes using fresh, seasonal ingredients and traditional recipes passed down through generations. Situated in the vibrant San Frediano neighborhood, our three gorgeous design kitchens provide unique and distinct layouts, ensuring a comfortable and inspiring environment.

Private Cooking Experience

Experience the luxury of a private cooking class with our dedicated chefs and staff at your full disposal. Enjoy fully air-conditioned spaces suitable for any season, and learn from chefs who bring years of culinary excellence from prestigious kitchens. Engage in fun, memorable, hands-on learning, and at the end, sit down to savor a 4-course private wine-paired tasting meal in our beautiful dining room, wine cellar or outdoor patio. Delight in a gourmet meal all perfectly paired with exceptional wines and accompanied by insights into their origins and pairing.


What you'll learn in your Private Tuscan Tradition Cooking Class

Roll up your sleeves, and rub Elbows with your chef

During this hands-on cooking class, your English-speaking chef will introduce you to the wonderful Tuscan culinary traditions. This course focuses on well-known and well-loved recipes within the Tuscan repertoire, emphasizing the importance of fresh, high-quality, locally sourced ingredients when cooking and creating dishes from scratch for a 4-course menu including some of Tuscany's iconic dishes.

Classics of Cucina Povera and Traditional Tuscan Dishes:

  • Filled Pasta: Ravioli, tortelli
  • Flat Pasta: Tagliatelle, corzetti, maltagliati
  • Gnocchi: Soft, pillowy dumplings
  • Pollo alla Cacciatora: Hunter-style chicken with tomatoes, onions, and herbs
  • Polpette: Traditional Tuscan meatballs
  • Panna Cotta: Creamy, set dessert
  • Cantucci: Crunchy almond biscuits

Feel the presence of generations of Tuscans as you prepare typical, authentic dishes using age-old culinary techniques perfected by rural Tuscans over centuries. This class will deepen your understanding of Tuscany’s traditional menu and provide a new approach to using simple but effective and genuine ingredients to achieve the most flavorful outcomes when you return to your home kitchen.

Technical Skills You'll Master

  • Dough Preparation: Learn to create perfect pasta dough and other types of dough from scratch.
  • Filling Techniques: Master the art of filling pasta such as ravioli and tortelli.
  • Sauce Making: Perfect the consistency and flavor balance of various traditional sauces.
  • Timing and Temperature Control: Understand the importance of precise cooking times and temperatures for different dishes.
  • Plating Techniques: Discover how to beautifully and professionally present your dishes.

These technical skills will not only enhance your cooking experience but also enable you to recreate the authentic flavors of Tuscany in your own kitchen.


Socialize and Savor Crafted Dishes: Enjoy a full meal made together.

Strengthen Bonds and deepen connections with familiar faces.

At Mama Florence, sharing around the table embodies the spirit of friendship, love, and creating lasting memories with family and friends. This philosophy reflects the essence of the real person behind Mama Florence, who is the soul of the place. The culinary experiences here are designed to connect individuals through delicious food and heartfelt conversations. Each meal is an opportunity to bond, celebrate togetherness, and build cherished memories.

Seated 4-Course Meal:

Sit around the table and savour the creations made hands-on with your chef.

  • Seasonal appetizer
  • Filled fresh pasta like ravioli or tortelli or flat pasta
  • Pasta sauce
  • Main Meat or vegetarina course
  • Delightful dessert

Wine Pairings: Three fine wines (bubbly, white, red) to enhance flavors and the social dining experience. 
Enjoy this memorable meal and celebrate togetherness with your fellow food enthusiasts.


What's included in you Private Cooking Class

  • Cook in Exclusive Kitchens: Work in our beautifully designed, private kitchens.
  • Hands-On Cooking Class: Learn from experienced, engaging professional chefs.
  • Premium Ingredients: Use the finest, locally sourced ingredients.
  • Aprons and Tools Provided: Aprons available for purchase on-site.
  • Preparation of a 4-Course Menu:
    • Seasonal Appetizer
    • Fresh Pasta or Seasonal firs course
    • Main meat or vegetarian course
    • Traditional dessert
  • Seated table service: Enjoy your creations while we pamper you.
  • Wine Pairings:
    • Prosecco to Start: Begin with a glass of Prosecco Paired with the appetizer..
    • Fine Italian White Wine: Paired with the first course
    • Fine Italian Red Wine: Paired with the second course.
  • E-Recipes: Electronic recipes sent to your inbox.
  • Class Duration: Approximately 3.5 hours, including the meal.
  • 22% VAT Tax: Included in the price.


Important Notes about our Cooking Classes

Allergies and Cross contamination

  • Cross-contamination in shared space: Our kitchen and tools are shared by participants. Cross-contamination is possible or likely.
  • Classes are NOT suitable for individuals with SEVERE or life-threatening allergies. Please prioritize safety before enrolling.

Other Dietary needs

  • Vegetarian Options: Can be easily accommodated.
  • Other Dietary Needs: Vegan, or dairy-free requirements, please inquire prior to booking.
  • Gluten-free for celiacs: only a Gluten Free cooking class for all participants is suitable for guests with celiac desease
  • Gluten-free intolernace: If cross contamination is not an issue then different participants can make different doughs.

Special requests

  • Special Requests: If a specific class is not listed on our calendar, let us know and we will try to activate it for your desired date.
  • Seasonal Ingredients: We use fresh, seasonal ingredients from trusted local suppliers and farms. The cooking class menu will vary depending on what is available.
  • Allergies and Preferences: It is essential to email us ahead of time with any food allergies or preferences so we can verify if we can accommodate them.



We recommend arriving approximately 10-15 minutes prior to class

No, you do not need to bring any tools or resources; all the materials, tools, and ingredients needed for the courses will be provided by the school and are included in the fee.

Class duration, including meal, is approximately 3.5 hours

Yes, you will be eating the dishes you prepared after about 2 hours of preparation. For the menu structure please check the class description.

It is essential that you email us ahead of time with any food allergies or preferences you may have so we can let you know if we can accommodate them. We will not be able to accommodate special dietary needs without notice on-spot because ingredients and setting are prepared in advance.

Yes, all joinable classes are suitable for kids 6 and above as long as they are under parent supervision. Pasta and Pizza classes are the most suitable. If you are taking a private class we can accommodate also younger children but we will need to know in advance.

Recipes of all the dishes you’ve prepared emailed to you

A tasting of Prosecco and two fine Italian wines during your meal

Pictures are allowed and encouraged! Our instructors love it when you feel that a dish is camera worthy, so please click away!

Please read our cancellation policies. To cancel please write to [email protected]

Comfortable clothing and shoes (you’ll stand up while cooking). Rings and bracelets need to be removed during preparation. If you have long hair please tie it.

No previous experience is required! We encourage you to ask questions if there is something you don’t understand.
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