Private Italian Olive Oil Experience in Florence

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2:0 Hours
Professional Chef
Italian and English


Why Choose Mama's Private Italian Olive Oil Experience in Florence?

  • Gorgeous Design Venue: Three kitchens venue, each with a distinct layout and look.
  • Location: All situated in the vibrant San Frediano neighborhood.
  • Private Spaces: Fully air-conditioned comfort, suitable for any season.
  • Food Experts: bring years of culinary knowledge.
  • Engaging Teaching Style: Private class and tasting, both fun and memorable.
  • Private Sampling: Savor exquisite select  Extra virgin Olive Oils with paired sanks
  • Pro tasting glasses: Taste oil like a real Pro.
  • Venues with own unique amenity: design dining-room, outdoor patio, winecellar.

About Mama's Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting Class

The Essence of Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO) is not only a staple in Tuscan cuisine but also a source of pride and joy for Tuscans and Italians alike. The spicy, intense, green EVOO you will taste on this tour is vastly different from the typical grocery store varieties. Authentic Tuscan olive oil is made from specific olive varietals, harvested early, and pressed immediately to preserve its rich aromas and flavors. A professional olive-oil expert will guide you through all aspects of EVOO, answering any questions you might have. Just a drizzle of this exquisite oil will make your taste buds sing.

EVOO in a Nutshell

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is a high-quality oil extracted from olives, celebrated for its rich flavor and health benefits. Made through a cold-press process that preserves its natural antioxidants and nutrients, EVOO is distinguished by its fruity aroma and peppery finish. It comes from various regional olive varieties, each imparting unique characteristics. High-quality EVOO enhances dishes, offering versatility from salads to sautés. Recognizing and appreciating EVOO involves understanding its production, tasting for defects, and proper storage to maintain its freshness and flavor.

Why You Should Learn About EVOO

Learning about Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) opens up a world of culinary and health benefits. By understanding the production process, you gain appreciation for the craftsmanship involved in creating high-quality oil. Knowledge of regional olive varieties enhances your palate, allowing you to choose oils that complement different dishes. Recognizing the characteristics of superior EVOO and knowing how to taste and spot defects ensures you select the best products. Proper storage techniques preserve freshness, while learning various culinary uses maximizes the oil’s flavor and nutritional benefits in your cooking.


What You'll Learn in your Private Extra Virgin Olive Oil Class

Expert Guidance and Friendly Staff for Your Olive Oil Tasting

Our olive oil tasting experience is led by an expert in Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), who will guide you through the intricate world of olive oil production and tasting. With a wealth of knowledge about regional olive varieties and the nuances of high-quality EVOO, our expert ensures a deeply informative session. Accompanied by our friendly and attentive staff, you'll feel welcomed and supported as you learn to taste, identify defects, and appreciate the many uses of EVOO. This dedicated team creates a warm and engaging environment for a memorable culinary journey.

Olive Oil Tasting Class: Learn All Things EVOO

Join our olive oil tasting class to discover the fascinating world of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO).

  • How EVOO is Made:
    • Production Process: Learn the steps from harvesting olives to extracting pure, high-quality EVOO.
  • Regional Olive Varieties in Italy:
    • Varietals: Explore the diverse regional olive varieties, each contributing unique flavors and characteristics to the oil.
  • Characteristics of High-Quality EVOO:
    • Quality Indicators: Identify what makes an EVOO exceptional, including flavor, aroma, and purity.
  • Tasting and Spotting Defects:
    • Tasting Techniques: Master the art of tasting EVOO to detect both its rich qualities and potential defects.
  • Storage Tips:
    • Proper Storage: Learn how to store EVOO to maintain its freshness and flavor over time.
  • Culinary Uses:
    • Versatile Uses: Discover the best ways to incorporate EVOO into your cooking, enhancing dishes with its robust flavor.

Join us for an immersive experience that deepens your appreciation and knowledge of this liquid gold.

What's included in your Olive Oil Tasting Class at Mama?

  • Exclusive use of our lovely location
  • Private olive oil tasting with a EVOO expert
  • Three fine oils for the tasting
  • Use of Pro Olive oil tasting glasses
  • Local Snacks to accompany the tasting, Water
  • Class duration, including meal, is approximately 1,5 hours
  • 22% VAT tax

Mama Florence offers a wide selection of cooking classes, including Italian cuisine, Tuscan regional dishes, Mediterranean cuisine, and much more. We can also personalize the classes based on your preferences and needs.

Our private cooking classes are open to everyone, from beginners to cooking enthusiasts. We are delighted to welcome individual participants, couples, families, and groups of friends to share this unique culinary experience. For private groups, there are no age limits, although the classes are more suitable for participants aged 5 and above.

Absolutely! We offer complete flexibility to accommodate your schedule. You can choose the date and time of the class based on your availability and the availability of our chefs. However, please note that certain time slots may be discouraged or may incur additional costs.

The private cooking classes include guided lessons from professional chefs and a team of assistants, all necessary ingredients, the use of cooking equipment, and a tasting of the dishes prepared, along with excellent quality wines to accompany the meals.

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