Gourmet Treasure Hunt


  • Team building in the heart of Florence city center
  • Fun, merriment and team bonding
  • Explore Florence with the help of MaMa’s guides 
  • Taste typical Tuscan delicacies 
  • "Victory" certificate
  • Guaranteed success for the entire team


Why have a Gourmet Hunt Teambuilding Competition in Florence?

The 'Gourmet Hunt' Team-Building in the heart of Florence is a very fun and popular Activity and, above all, great for getting to know the city, its secrets and gastronomic excellence while strengthening the team spirit.

How does the 'Gourmet Hunt' Team-Building in Florence work?

The group is divided into teams and meets at a meeting point (to be verified based on the starting point), and each team is assigned a 'local angel' assistant. 
The teams are then given initial directions to begin the gourmet treasure hunt and each group heads to its first stop and first tasting.

During each tasting, which are held in a specialized Florentine store, the team is given game cards and will have to answer a number of questions pertaining to the product of excellence they are tasting.

The questions will be handed back to the 'local angel' and must be kept to check the accuracy of the answer and the final score.

Which are the stops of the 'Gourmet Hunt' in Florence?

The stops are usually 3 or 4 divided into Ham and Cheese, Oil, Wine and Chocolate/Coffee.
The choice of stops depends on the time of year, availability and the needs of the client and the organization.

How does the Team-Building 'Gourmet Hunt' in Florence end?

The activity, depending on the client's need, can end with a final stop at the MaMa Florence venue with a final hands-on test in the kitchen followed by an aperitif or dinner, or it can end in the center of Florence.

How long does the Team-Building 'Gourmet Hunt' in Florence last?

The duration of the activity depends on the number of participants, the number of stages and the choice of the course.

How many people is the 'Gourmet Hunt' Team-Building in Florence suitable for?

The Team-Building 'Gourmet Hunt' in Florence is suitable for groups of all sizes, up to 100 people. We recommend holding this activity in the spring and summer months to reduce the risk of bad weather.

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