Gourmet Treasure Hunt

Your group will meet the Master of Ceremony and MaMa Florence staff in the center of the city of Florence and will be divided into small teams. All teams are provided with a map of the city and receive their first clue to start the treasure hunt! Anecdotes, details of recipes, traditions and customs of the local food and wine culture will be the content of the clues, leading you to the next stop on the gourmet treasure hunt. Some questions will lead to a tasting of a typical product, others will take the group to a market or to some special gourmet spot. Get to know the city of Florence and its people as you will have to involve bystanders to help you resolve the clue and move to the next stop.  The answers are specifically studies so as not to be easily found on the internet in order to make the game interactive and a fun challenge. The tasting areas are usually focused on these four products: cheese, olive oil, charcuterie and wine but we are happy to adapt the game to a group’s needs and desires so of course let us know your input at time of booking. The activity lasts about 2,5 hours and usually concludes with a sparkling wine toast to the Winning Team at beautiful MaMa Florence Cooking School! If you prefer for the fun to continue, we can also add a delicious lunch or dinner to your day! 


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