Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Oil is arguably the most important ingredient in Italian cooking. In each region of Italy, the tree variety and harvest time differ, creating oils that can be very different from North to South. Tuscan EVOO is usually harvested very early compared to the rest of Italy, in late October or Early November.

The best oils are created with organic olives, taken to the press right away (within 24/48 hours from harvest) and cold pressed to obtain the best possible oil without altering the beneficial properties. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is best consumed “new” – which is why you will find plenty of new olive oil events and celebrations around Tuscany and Italy if you come to visit in the late fall.

If you visit an olive press, you will often find a wood fire blazing and salt-less Tuscan bread being toasted and then rubbed with a clove of garlic, drizzled with the new oil and then a dash of salt, and enjoyed on the spot. EVOO should be stored in a cool, dark place in a dark container and consumed within a year or two from production. You will find EVOO in most Italian and Tuscan recipes and once you find out what incredible flavor it adds to a dish, we guarantee you won’t go back to other oils.

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