Handmade Corzetti Pasta Course

Local Product
3:30 Hours
Professional Chef
Italian and English


Highlights - Why Choose a Corzetti Pasta Cooking Class at Mama Florence?

  • Gorgeous and Spacious Gullo Design Kitchen making cooking both enjoyable and inspiring.
  • Fully Air-Conditioned so you can stay cool and comfortable, no matter the season.
  • Experienced English speaking Chefs from prized kitchens bringing you years of experience.
  • Engaging Teaching Style so your hands-on learning experience is Fun, memorable.
  • 4-Course Seated Wine Paired Tasting Meal: Enjoy a carefully crafted seasonal meal. 
  • Menu: delicious appetizer, two fresh pasta (one filled) with sauces, a traditional dessert.
  • A Selction of Three Fine Wines to complement and enhance the flavors of each course.
  • Education on origins and pairing of wines.
  • Socialize and meet new freinds in group class
  • Beautiful Wine Cellar and charming outdoor patio where you can enjoy some relaxation.


Are you in search of a distinct and delectable culinary delight in Italy?

Learn to create the most beautiful pasta shapes in the world with a special wooden Corzetti stamp. Your English-speaking professional chef from Florence will take you through the creation of the pasta dough, then a variety of special shapes, and of course the best fillings and sauces. Your wonderful hands-on cooking class at MaMa Florence ends with a full meal of prepared dishes, including the most beautiful and delicious pasta in the world. 


Corzetti Pasta Cooking Class - Class description

What are Corzetti?

Corzetti are coin-shaped pasta from Liguria, Italy, stamped with intricate designs using wooden molds. Made from wheat flour and water are often served with Basil pesto, walnut sauce or Marjoram and pine nuts. Corzetti tools are hand-crafted wooden molds used to make Corzetti pasta. They have a historical connection between Florence and Liguria: Florentine Artisans meticulously carve intricate designs into these stamps, reflecting a rich tradition. The exchange between these regions dates back to the Renaissance, when artistry flourished. These tools not only shape the pasta but also add decorative patterns that enhance its visual appeal and help sauces cling to the pasta, symbolizing the blend of cultural influences.

What do you do in the Corzetti cooking class in Florence?

Explore the Ligurian Tradition of Corzetti Pasta

Immerse yourself in this beautiful Ligurian culinary tradition as you learn about and create historic Corzetti pasta and other fresh pasta dishes! Under the careful guidance of our English-speaking chef, you'll learn how to prepare fresh pasta dough using only the best local ingredients.

Discover the Ancient Art of Pasta Stamping

You'll be introduced to the ancient tradition once used by noble families to print their family shields and symbols onto their pasta. Artisan woodworkers in both Tuscany and Liguria still create the two-piece wooden Corzetti tool – the first part being a round cutter and the second being the engraved stamp that embosses the pasta with an intricate hand-carved symbol of choice. You'll get to try your hand at this special technique, producing some of the most beautiful and intricate pasta you have ever seen.

Create Other Fresh Pasta Shapes, Seasonal Appetizers and Sauces

In addition to making Corzetti pasta, you will create two other pasta shapes such as ravioli, tagliatelle, or gnocchi. Your chef will also guide you through the preparation of a seasonal appetizer and two scrumptious seasonal pasta sauces. You'll learn about the perfect way Corzetti pasta holds the sauce, enhancing its flavor. End your cooking experience by preparing a delicious dessert that perfectly complements your pasta meal.

Socialize and Enjoy a Full Meal of Dishes Prepared with the Group

After crafting exquisite Corzetti pasta and other fresh pasta shapes under the guidance of our expert chefs, sit down with your newly made friends to savor the culinary creations from the group class. This delightful tasting meal will include:

  • An appetizer
  • A fresh filled pasta
  • Corzetti pasta
  • Two pasta sauces
  • A delicious dessert

Each dish is perfectly paired with three fine wines: a bubbly, a white, and a red, enhancing the flavors and providing a truly social and immersive dining experience. Enjoy socializing and having fun with fellow food enthusiasts as you share this memorable meal and celebrate your newfound skills.

Take Home a Piece of Tradition

If you fall in love with Corzetti pasta, you can purchase a beautiful handmade olive wood Corzetti tool in the MaMa Florence gift shop. This way, you can create this special pasta at home for your next gathering of friends or family.

What's included

  • Gorgeous, Spacious Air-Conditioned Gullo Kitchen: Enjoy cooking in our beautifully designed, comfortable kitchen.
  • Hands-On Cooking Class: Learn from experienced and engaging professional chefs.
  • High Quality, locally Sourced, Sustainable Ingredients: Use the finest ingredients for your dishes.
  • Use of Aprons and Tools: Aprons and tools are provided (apron purchasable on-site at an extra cost).
  • Preparation of a 4-Course Menu:
    • Appetizer
    • Fresh Corzetti with sauce
    • Filled fresh pasta with sauce
    • Dessert
  • Full Meal of Prepared Dishes: Enjoy your creations with seated table service.
  • Prosecco to Start Your Meal: Begin your dining experience with a glass of Prosecco.
  • Wine Pairings:
    • Fine Italian white wine to pair with your appetizer or first course
    • Fine Italian red wine to pair with your second course
  • E-Recipes: Receive electronic recipes of all the dishes you've prepared, sent to your inbox.
  • Class Duration: Approximately 3.5 hours, including the meal.
  • 22% VAT Tax: Included in the price.

Important notes about your Corzetti Group Class

  • Shared Kitchen and Tools: Our kitchen and tools are shared by participants. Cross-contamination is possible. Classes are NOT suitable for individuals with SEVERE or life-threatening allergies. Please prioritize safety before enrolling.
  • Dietary Requirements:
    • Vegetarian Options: Can be easily accommodated.
    • Other Dietary Needs: For vegan, gluten-free, or dairy-free requirements, please inquire prior to booking.
  • Minimum Enrollment:
    • General: A minimum enrollment of 3 people is required for course activation.
    • Sundays: A minimum enrollment of 5 people is required.
    • Options if Minimum Not Met: If the minimum is not reached, you will have the option to:
      • Pay an additional fee to reach minimum
      • Make the class private
      • Change to another available date
      • Receive a full refund
  • Special Requests: If a specific class is not listed on our calendar, let us know and we will try to activate it for your desired date.
  • Seasonal Ingredients: We use fresh, seasonal ingredients from trusted local suppliers and farms. The cooking class menu will vary depending on what is available that day.
  • Allergies and Preferences: It is essential to email us ahead of time with any food allergies or preferences so we can verify if we can accommodate them.
  • Private Classes: If you would like to make this a private class for you and your group, please get in touch for details.

We recommend arriving approximately 10-15 minutes prior to class

No, you do not need to bring any tools or resources; all the materials, tools, and ingredients needed for the courses will be provided by the school and are included in the fee.

Class duration, including meal, is approximately 3.5 hours

Yes, you will be eating the dishes you prepared after about 2 hours of preparation. For the menu structure please check the class description.

It is essential that you email us ahead of time with any food allergies or preferences you may have so we can let you know if we can accommodate them. We will not be able to accommodate special dietary needs without notice on-spot because ingredients and setting are prepared in advance.

Yes, all joinable classes are suitable for kids 6 and above as long as they are under parent supervision. Pasta and Pizza classes are the most suitable. If you are taking a private class we can accommodate also younger children but we will need to know in advance.

Recipes of all the dishes you’ve prepared emailed to you

A tasting of Prosecco and two fine Italian wines during your meal

Pictures are allowed and encouraged! Our instructors love it when you feel that a dish is camera worthy, so please click away!

Please read our cancellation policies. To cancel please write to [email protected]

Comfortable clothing and shoes (you’ll stand up while cooking). Rings and bracelets need to be removed during preparation. If you have long hair please tie it.

No previous experience is required! We encourage you to ask questions if there is something you don’t understand.
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Mon 23rd Dec 2024
Mon, Dec 23
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