Cooking Class and Wine Tour in Florence & Tuscany

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Highlights - Why Choose Mama's Cooking Class and Wine Tour in Florence & Tuscany?

  • Gorgeous and Spacious Gullo Design Kitchen making cooking both enjoyable and inspiring.
  • Fully Air-Conditioned so you can stay cool and comfortable, no matter the season.
  • Experienced English speaking Chefs from prized kitchens bringing you years of experience.
  • Engaging Teaching Style so your hands-on learning experience is Fun, memorable.
  • 4-Course Seated Wine Paired Tasting Meal: Enjoy a carefully crafted seasonal meal. 
  • Menu: delicious appetizer, two fresh pasta (one filled) with sauces, a traditional dessert.
  • A Selction of Three Fine Wines to complement and enhance the flavors of each course.
  • Education on origins and pairing of wines.
  • Socialize and meet new freinds in group class
  • Beautiful Wine Cellar and charming outdoor patio where you can enjoy some relaxation.
  • Afternoon Wine Tour to the Chianti Classico Wine Region
  • Friendly English speaking driver picking you up at Mama Florence after the class.
  • Afternoon Visit to a beautiful  prized winery and taste fine wines.
  • Discover the stunning Chianti Region, Enjoy time in a local Chianti Village.

A full day of food and wine excellence! After your cooking class and lunch in MaMa's beautiful venue, your English-speaking driver with luxury minivan will come directly to MaMa Florence Cooking School to collect you for your private Chianti Wine Tour in the beautiful Tuscan countryside. 


Cooking Class and Wine Tour in Florence & Tuscany Description

The Chianti Classico Wine Region

The Chianti Classico wine region, nestled between Florence and Siena, is renowned for its picturesque vineyards and historic wineries. Known for producing premium red wines, particularly from the Sangiovese grape, this area combines stunning landscapes with rich cultural heritage, offering a quintessential Tuscan wine experience.

A Relaxing Afternoon of Sightseeing after your Class

After your fantastic cooking class lunch, the fun continues! Your English-speaking driver with luxury minivan will come directly to MaMa Florence Cooking School to collect you for your small group Chianti Wine Tour in the beautiful Tuscan countryside. Leaving the bustle of Renaissance Florence behind you, you will head out directly into what feels like a Renaissance painting with rolling green hills, stunning Castles and villas and charming country roads lined with majestic cypress trees.
In just thirty minutes you will be in the heart of the beautiful Chianti Classico wine region, arriving to a historic winery producing perhaps the most well known wine in the world.
You will meet with your qualified Chianti winery guide or estate owner, and have a tour of the property in English including the aging rooms and underground cantina. A stop to a beautiful Tuscan village for a stroll or a quick Espresso is the ideal end to a perfect day!

What You'll Do: Cooking Class and Wine Tour in Florence & Tuscany

Morning: Hands-On Tuscan Traditional Cooking Class in San Frediano

Start your day at Mama in the charming San Frediano neighborhood, cooking in our gorgeous, fully air-conditioned Gullo design kitchen. Guided by Mama's experienced chefs and passionate staff, you'll learn to prepare a full 4-course Tuscan meal, possibly making dishes such as panzanella, tagliatelle, corzetti, ravioli, tortelli, pollo alla cacciatora, cecina, panna cotta, and cantucci. The class emphasizes the spirit of Italian cooking, focusing on fresh, local ingredients and traditional techniques. You'll master skills like pasta making, sauce preparation, and dessert creation. Enjoy a 4-course seated meal paired with three fine wines, with engaging education on wine origins and pairing to enhance your culinary experience.

  • Ingredient Selection: Learn to choose fresh, local ingredients
  • Pasta Making: Techniques for making fresh pasta from scratch
  • Sauce Preparation: Create authentic sauces to complement your dishes
  • Plating: Tips for presenting dishes beautifully
  • Dessert Creation: Master traditional Italian desserts
  • Seated meal: Savour your creations

Afternoon: Wine Tour in Chianti

After your cooking class, a friendly English-speaking driver will pick you up at Mama Florence. Journey through the stunning Chianti region, visiting charming towns like San Casciano and Greve, renowned for their picturesque landscapes and historic significance. Tour wineries located on rural Tuscan farms, ancient villas, and castels, where you will taste fine Chianti Classico wines. Learn about the wine-making process, the unique characteristics of Chianti wines, and the rich history of the region. Explore a charming local village, soaking in the rich cultural heritage of Tuscany. Return to Florence with unforgettable memories of your culinary and wine adventure.

  • Regions Visited: San Casciano, Greve in the Chianti Classico wine region
  • Wineries: Rural Tuscan farms, ancient villas, castels
  • Wine Tasting: Learn how to taste wine like a professional
  • Wine Making: Discover the wine-making process from grape to bottle
  • Territory: Understand the unique characteristics and history of the Chianti region
  • Experience: Explore a charming local village, rich cultural heritage

Socialise Enjoy a Full Meal prepared with group before your Wine Tour

An opportunity to meet new friends from around the globe

At Mama Florence, sharing around the table embodies the spirit of friendship, love, and creating lasting memories with people from around the globe. This philosophy reflects the essence of the real person behind Mama Florence, who is the soul of the place. The culinary experiences here are designed to connect individuals from different places and cultures through delicious food, heartfelt conversations, and cultural exchanges. Each meal is an opportunity to bond, celebrate togetherness, and build a sense of community, making every dining experience a cherished memory.

Sit down and share your 4-course meal

After crafting delectable homemade gnocchi under the guidance of our expert chefs, sit down with your newly made friends to savor the culinary creations from the group class. This tasting meal will include:

  • A seasonal  appetizer
  • Freshly made gnocchi dishes
  • A filled Pasta
  • Two sauces for your gnocchi and pasta
  • A delicious dessert

Each dish is perfectly paired with three fine wines: a bubbly, a white, and a red, enhancing the flavors and providing a truly social and immersive dining experience. Enjoy socializing and having fun with fellow food enthusiasts as you share this memorable meal and celebrate your newfound skills.

Socializing and Fun on the Chianti Wine Tour

Wine touring in Chianti is a great way to socialize and have fun. You’ll connect with fellow wine enthusiasts, share tasting experiences, and enjoy lively conversations. The relaxed atmosphere and beautiful scenery create an ideal setting for making new friends and savoring the delightful flavors of Tuscan wines.


  • Joinable Cooking class at MaMa Florence followed by lunch and wine pairings
  • Luxury vehicle with English-speaking driver for the Chianti wine tour from MaMa Florence
  • Visit and tasting to a beautiful top-rated Chianti Winery 
  • Time for a quick stop at a village in Tuscan hills
  • Drop-off at MaMa Florence


Important notes:

  • To know what joinbale cooking class is scheduled the day you are intersted in, check the 10 am class on our joinable class calendar.
  • Minimum enrollment of 3 people for course + wine tour activation (except for Sundays which has a minimum enrollment of 5 people). Should the minimum not be reached for the day you have booked, we will contact you with a choice to: pay an additional fee to make the class private, change to another available date, or be fully refunded.
  • If you don’t see a specific class you are interested in listed on our calendar, let us know and we will try to activate it for you on the date you want.  
  • Because we only use fresh, seasonal ingredients from trusted local suppliers and farms, the cooking class menu will vary depending on what is available that day. 
  • It is essential that you email us ahead of time with any food allergies or preferences you may have so we can accommodate them.
  • If you would like to make this a private class just for you and your group, please get in touch for details. 
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