Team Building | Wine | Wine Challenge

Fun team building activity with fine Italian wines, the most exciting wine tasting team building activity thanks to the charisma of an expert master of ceremonies. First-class white and red wines for an intelligent event which motivates your guests!


Wine Challenge | Welcome 

The Master of Ceremonies welcomes your guests, presents MaMa Florence team, and gives a lively explanation of the game. Each guest receives a booklet for the wine challenge team building activity and it is time for the competition!

Wine Challenge | Program

Guests are invited to sit down at the dinner table. Each table then becomes a team. Your Master of Ceremonies takes the stage for a brief but captivating introduction to wine tasting, to ensure that everyone can participate without embarassment or shyness.

Then the first challenge begins: two mystery wines have been paired with the appetizer and first course, and the teams must work together to figure out their characteristics. The winners of this first challenge are announced right away. By now the atmosphere has heated up and spirits are soaring for the second round, played with two mystery wines paired with the dinner's second course.
Book your MaMa Florence original and informative event for discovering Italy's wines and culture!



Team Building | Wine | Make your own wine

Crash-course on wine making, interactive and sensory wine experience, with the entertainment from a wine expert and technical enologist material. No previous knowledge in wine making required.


Make your own wine | Welcome 

An interactive team building activity with a crash-course in wine making with the wine expert presenting the game and leading a mini wine tasting. Participants are encouraged to challenge their sensory analysis capabilities and will be introduced briefly to the history of wine and wine-making techniques. 

Make your own wine | Program 

This fun team building activity with wine provides an extraordinary opportunity to test the participants skills of analysis with specific objectives and rules to be followed. Make your own wine is more about how they work together rather than “outdoing" the other teams
After spending time bringing their individual ideas to the table, and then debating as a group the qualities they want to express in their wine, the team begins the creation process.
After the wine has been created, the groups bring their final sample to the panel test conducted by the wine expert in order to determine the best winemakers of this team building activity with wine.



Team Building | Food | Cooking Class Challenge

Fun filled and interactive team building cooking classes: learn delicious recipes with a professional chef, perfect corporate cooking team building thats brings out the ultimate in cooperation while having an unforgettable experience


Cooking class challenge | Welcome 

Guests arrive and are greeted by MaMa Florence team. After an introduction by the Master of Ceremonies, the guests split up into teams, choose team leaders, and are assigned to their cooking stations. Let the games begin!

Cooking class challenge | Program 

Under the entertaining guidance of the professional MaMa Florence chef, the participants will learn new techniques in the kitchen and of course get to enjoy a variety of delicious regional dishes. The emphasis during our team building cooking class is not just enjoyment of the world class Italian cuisine but also creating opportunities for better communication and teamwork. Only true Interactive teamwork wins the challenge!
Your group will need to roll up their sleeves and get their hands in the flour as they learn to make pasta from scratch.
The team building cooking class challenge can be custom fit to the needs and wants of your group.
We will ensure the perfect event to bring your team closer through working together toward a common (delicious) goal! 



Travel Incentive | Music and Wine Gala Dinner

The Music and Wine Gala dinner is a stylish and fun incentive event with a wine expert with fantastic wine, food and music. A three string quartet to entertain and delight the participants, all this in an incredible venue MaMa Florence.


Music and Wine Gala dinner | Welcome  

The guests are welcomed by MaMa Florence team and the Master of Ceremonies. He presents the event’s game and the musicians. The inviting and unique atmosphere will catch your guests’ full attention. The musicians improvise music inspired by the wine being served, while each team will be listening carefully to answer the games’ questions! After the game, guests enjoy an elegant sit down dinner prepared together with the resident chef of MaMa Florence.

The professional corporate event team of Le Baccanti Tours and MaMa Florence to run the evening.

Music and Wine Gala dinner | Program 

An evening of musical entertainment and a playful, challenging game for your guests, not only a dinner and wine tasting! There’s no better way to be inspired than with the pleasure of great food, wine and music brought together in a harmonious event. No matter what the level of wine, food or musical knowledge you have, this evening will take you and your guests on an emotional adventure of new sensations you won’t soon forget.